Route: Couple of options.

  1. PDP route.
  2. PDP route to save glitch, then place a portal on that invisible box floating in space, then place it under the fizzler. Back up slightly to open the elevator, then ABH in.
  3. Grow wings and fly to the ledge of the observation room window. If someone can land on that ledge with ABH and some kind of voodoo magic, IMMEDIATELY QUICKSAVE. I don’t care about losing the 0.5 seconds from save penalty, we save at least that much getting to the portal gun. I highly doubt that landing on that ledge is possible, but if it is we need to make it happen. Perhaps try using the edges of the door to get a small ABJ launch?


I might be missing something here, but what do you mean? As in; if this were to happen, what would the route for the entire map be?


We would just use the window ledge to hop over the wall to get to the portal gun faster. That said, I’m pretty sure it’s not possible =/


Yeah, I’m pretty sure most of the windows have player clips along them


They dont. Type in sv_gravity 100 and jump over, ive tried it and it works.
It should be possible in theory, but i dont know how we get such speed and height…

cu, CBenni


With some sick luck and patience I think it may very well be possible to actually land on the window, but I have no idea how you plan to make the jump from there. It’s simply too far to do from standstill, and you’d pretty much need to make an instant 90 degree angle to keep your speed whilst going in the right direction, which I highly doubt is possible.


I’ve made the jump from the windowsill before. You have to do some bunnyhopping between it and the little “supports” that the portal automatically appears on.


How’s this coming?


I’ve personally been very busy with finals and SGDQ practice, but I still intend to do this rerun.