Route: Find a way to glitch out of the starting area. But seriously, ABH to the cube, throw it on the button, ABH to the elevator. Then ABH around the corner, put the other more different cube on the other more different button, and then PRAY that you get one of those random portal flings when you ABH towards the end elevator.


Perhaps make a childboard for the maps?
Anyway, good luck on this. I’d really enjoy seeing “PDP” beaten.


I wouldn’t mind it if a mod wanted to dump these into a childboard, but I figured since there are only 18 maps and basically no discussion of portal on these forums otherwise it wouldn’t hurt to just put them here. I’d also like to see PDP beaten, since we now have the tools to get a sub-9 portal run!


Alright guys, I personally would like to go ahead and get this project off the ground. Our routes are semi-finalized, and we’ve got a large number of people to start working on this, so I think we should hit the ground running on the first segment. I’ll be starting attempts tonight and through the week until I get something that looks nice.

One question before we get going, though. Do we want to keep this project “secret”, or post progress vids like Demonstrate did?

edit: Forgot something important. If you’re going to be running segments, don’t use cheats, don’t use scripts, don’t use free-spinning mousewheels. We don’t want our run to have anything that SDA (or more specifically in recent rule discussions, ExplodingCabbage) would object to.


When did those become bad?

Also, if you’re gonna make this a multiple-people-did-it run, I’d love to give it a try.


They’re not. But the chance is big SDA will screw you over because they decided to ban them while you were working on the second to last segment, therefore rendering the run ‘invalid’.

Same happened to PDP, which is just plain bullshit. Should’ve just made scripts a seperate category.


Bummer, they make ABH so much easier. Ah well.

Is there anything I should know about creating demos for this run? As in; where and how to save, how to properly record demos etcetera.


Awesome to have you on board! For the first segment, you start recording at the earliest possible moment, and then when the loading screen pops up for the next map, mash the dev console button so that it pops up as soon as the map loads. Then make a manual save and stop your recording.

On a similar note, I HIGHLY recommend using CBenni’s SEDT tool for demo recording. It creates a timestamped folder for your demos, and automatically renames each demo with a unique number so that you never have to overwrite demos. It’s awesome.


Whenever I do that I end up getting a white screen and in the next map with no console at all???


I’ve found that generally means you press it too soon. My comp, loads take like 2 seconds, depending on the map. So around 1-1.5 seconds in I hit ~.


Doesn’t starting as soon as possible mean that you (for the first segment at least) start recording and then changelevel into the map?


I suppose. I don’t think it would matter, SDA would time from crosshair appearing anyways =P

edit: My current best time is 2:11 (2:01.5 from crosshair to load screen, which is identical to PDP). Someone beat that! =P

Free scroll wheels are allowed for PC submissions. There's not much SDA can do to avoid the natural evolution of PC gaming hardware besides handicapping our runners to outdated equipment. Sorry for taking so long, I'm just getting settled in after the move.

I do think freespinning wheels are gay. But to not use it only because it *might *be disallowed sounds stupid imo. Just ask them a final time before starting the run. If it would be useful ofc.


I feel they help a great deal when doing ABH scriptless.


: Hey Mike, what was the final decision regarding the use of free-scrolling mousewheels?
: IIRC they were allowed

I stand corrected. Free-scroll away!

edit: new best for this map is 2:10, and timing it I’m 0.3 seconds faster than Portal Done Pro. I’m going to keep trying until Friday at 12 noon EST, and after that I’m going to move on to the next segment. If you guys manage something better, please tell me.


Just so everyone knows, my intention is to re-run Portal to go onto SDA. I never thought there would be new discoveries to reduce the time, but obviously there are.

Since I needed to rerun it anyway, my plan was, and still is, to rerun both an OoB and an in-bounds speedrun in parallel. Before, there would have been some few segments that are the same for both runs, but it is looking like only the first segment will be the same for both runs.

Both runs will use a free-scrolling mouse wheel (SDA legal) and both will be submitted at the same time to SDA. Both will also have videos uploaded on YouTube so others can see my progress in the run. I haven’t decided on a final name yet. I know that you guys are continuing this, but keep in mind, I’m going to be working on this in the next few weeks.

I only have 19 out of 63 map routes remaining for Portal 2, so as soon as those are done, I will be starting this. Expect my first work from that project coming out within the starting weeks of May.


Why not join this run?


Because it is something I have to do on my own.