Team Fortress 2: Engineer Tutorial TAS


(SPT didn’t work, plugin signature is not signed apparently) :-\

Total time: 2:02.121


If you were referring to the use of SPT in this thread

For usage in TF2, SPT does not work in TF2. This looks more like a TSA than it does a TAS, spinning your view around randomly never looks good in a TSA.


Hey, nice idea! I really like it since this is really different then the ususal stuff nowadays but I would recommend recording demos and using the built-in demo smoother to smooth the demos so the view is not so jumpy. As BitRain said this is probably rather a TSA but if you have some actual TAS tools for TF2 please share. Otherwise please continue what you do and keep being awesome! Cheers! :smiley:


I did record a demo of it, although I didn’t use a demo smoother which, I guess I’ll admit, I do see some of my demos look a little laggy.