Team Fortress 2 Competitive Team?


I’m looking at getting a 4v4 or 6v6 team together over here in the states for TF2, probably through UGC. If anyone is interested, PM me or add me on my steam. Likely shooting for Steel in terms of skill level, most of the people on this forum should be able to kick some ass and gain some publicity for our site.

I do have some experience in Highlander (9v9) and 6v6 gameplay at the Iron and Gold skill levels, respectively. I can play almost any class, so for me, that isn’t a problem. Hoping to recruit at least a few people from here before searching for others on Steam as here on SourceRuns we should mesh pretty well.


UGC League

PS: I do know how obnoxious my signature is. It’s supposed to be like that :stuck_out_tongue:


While I’m not against putting a team together, I personally cannot stand that whole cod, mtn dew, lenny meme going around, and really don’t want to see it on the site, so I’m just going to remove it.

Anyway, good luck.