Tas Runs commands and scripts


so to say this i have my hl tas version and i have checked all of the commands and i cant find the way you slow down the game! so what i do is use cheat engine but what do you use and also i cant get scripts to work for hl1 please help me


What do you mean by this?


Bunnymod XT

Mind giving more info?


If you want to make slowmotion TASes, then you don’t really need any mods, you can use a pause script. If you want to make “proper” scripted TASes, then you don’t really need to slow down the game, you need to write a big script that will do all the work for you. Either way HL TAS Mod is now surpassed by BXT.


So what i mean about the scripts i have a bhop script and it works fine but when i want a different script i got to the config file and get the script code in there and people say that works but it dosnt for me and also about host_framerate it just skips frames? Any ansers


How host_framerate works is that it forces the frametime for each frame to be its value. What this means is the game is constantly assuming it’s running at 1/host_framerate FPS regardless of the actual speed it’s running at (the value of fps_max is ignored when host_framerate is non-zero).