Talking about the speed of ABH in HL2 4104(probably) and later

So, This started today, when I ABH-ed to the max speed 3500. I noticed that every time I jumped I losed 3350 speed. I thinked that ABH actually speeds up to unbelivable speeds (like 32767, 65536 and so on) so when the game limits us to 3500, ABH gives you 3350 speed, 3500+3350= 6850 speed. Is there any way to unlock speed in HL2 (including hacking the files of the game)?

As far as I know you’d need to edit the game’s gamemovement.cpp file to achieve that.
Luckily the source files of the game are publicly available for creating mods and stuff through the source SDK. If you are having trouble about what to change in the code refer to this link: HL2 Bunnyhop restriction

Haven’t tested it but it looks promising.

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