Super Pixeaxe was good, super everything is better


Mainly, this part of the description:
“Update - I’ve done some research and found out that there’s a sweet spot on the car that makes any object that touches it hold the whole weight of the car intact, and it gains tremendous force for holding up the car that when an object touches it, the object goes flying.”

I think we got ourselves a winrar.
The car respawns on a bunch of the maps, so we can seriously ‘fly’ over a ton of EP2.


Haha, the EP2 speedrun will look so weird. First ABH and now flying across entire maps using the car (which IF it respawns sounds pretty exciting!)


The car and Alyx respawn when the next map loads if they did not go with you through the level transition.


It has been a dream of mine to see the gnome launch incorporated in the episode 2 run. Though I take it from your description that any object that doesn’t break from being run over by the car will work? Nevertheless, flying through one, or perhaps even several maps would be incredibly awesome.


Holy shit, this beats the hell out of the SPD’d Pickaxe, oh the things you find while you wonder on the endless arrays of YouTube.


Hmm… Now the only problem is finding objects I guess. But first lets just make sure that it’s not just a regular SPD. Someone mind using an object that you can’t get before the elevator.


Has anyone actually managed to replicate this? I can’t seem to do it D:

Josh: Gnome is spd'd by elevator TYPICAL: by simply bringing it up? Josh: Yep TYPICAL: I FUCKING KNEW IT


Then the line after it.

Josh: Well seeing as the axe, and barrels work, the gnome is no big leap

So I’m thinking that this video is fake, or rather, he spd’d it in the elevator and then brought it through, made it look like the car did it. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I haven’t managed it after an hour or so of trying, and it just seems unlikely it’ll work.


I thought you said that you managed to SPD the gnome without crushing it?




I was talking about that theory I had where you don’t have to crush what you bring up in the elevator to SPD it.


Well… That’s wrong. From what I can tell it has to be crushed to spd, that’s how it works?


Sighs it’s still a theory then.


Well, I went up in the elevator earlier, and the axe didn’t get crushed, and it wasn’t spd’d. The gnome did get crushed, and it did get spd’d. If you do it the intended way, no spd occurs whatsoever obviously.

It’s not really a theory is it? It’s just… incorrect D:


Then how do random SPD’s to the gnome happen. You see video’s on youtube all the time of the gnome’s that just send people into the sky. Is it really the car which causes these or is it possibly the elevator. My theory is the elevator and gnome.


My theory is that those people did whatever anyone else who found the spd glitch by chance did, and did it while doing the gnome achievement, and accidently spd’d the gnome in the elevator. I’m not saying that the elevator doesn’t spd the gnome, but I’m saying that it DOES need to be crushed, and that’s the entire point of the spd.


And how many times have you accidently SPD’d the gnome. Would you ever imagine a scenario where you would accidently do it?


Yes. When I first played ep2, I thought you had to grab the axe from inside the elevator, not break the wood. I wasn’t doing the gnome achievement, and I didn’t bother to keep the axe, as it had no use to me anymore. If I was doing the gnome achievement, I probably would have spd’d him.


Basically, it would be more productive if someone tested if the car can SPD items. If this is true, then any of the maps that have the car at the beginning, we need to reroute to get an object and SPD it. Then, do testing on where we could land without dying. Etc, etc, etc.