Super freaking meat boy speedrun!


Oh, how I’ve waited for this…


Impressive, I should really play that game at some stage myself.


You haven’t played it? No wonder the reaction was “impressive” instead of “HOLYSHITOMGWTFTHATSOAMAZING” haha. When you’ve played the game, you really get how big of an effort that speedrun is. I sat literally 80% of the time shaking my head cause I was so amazed. That speedrun is seriously one of the best ss speedruns I’ve ever seen!


2D games, blah.


Reminds me of World of Goo




ok, elma is an exception ;>
but i honestly cant think of any more interesting 2D-games (imo)


Counter-Strike 2D xd


Super Meat Boy, Gish, The World of Goo, The Binding of Isaac, all the Worms games, all the Mega Man games, Limbo, Machinarium, Earthworm Jim to name a few.


Ok, now there’s two, Elma and Worms :>


Pretty sure you like tic-tac-toe as well.






You have to burn the rope



I’ve only played 'til the HELL level boss, he’s fucking annoying. But this speedrun is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for - a SMB speedrun without the other characters… and in a fucking amazing SS run nonetheless?! :smiley: Really cool stuff, thank you for posting this!

And 2D games are great fun, I personally like casual games a lot so I’ve played a lot of them (these days a play a lot of casual games on my iPad). One point-and-click game which I really like is The Dream Machine which is a 2D/3D game made out of clay and small items and it looks gorgeous!


Haha you see?! Yeah it’s truly a masterpiece!


Just bought the game. From my early experience, I can tell that this guy is insanely skilled!


Just finished the game. Feels fucking awesome :smiley:


Still on rapture…
manly tear
… one day.