Sup m80's?


Sooooo, what should i begin with?
My name is TheGodFather2131, i am a huge fan of Valve games. I love speedrunning Half Life in general and playing Team Fortress 2.
I didn’t began speedrunning up until october 2014, since i didn’t know about NGHL back then. I am not a very good speedunner. My PB is 1h- 1h30m, somewhere like that.
I also want to thank everyone who got me involved in GoldSrc speedrunning and helped me with strats:

-Quadrazid: main inspiration
-Rofi: creating NGHL
-Tryedz: showing off some cool strats for Half Life speedrunning

Also, i will not do any kind of videos until i upgrade my rig, but i am sure that in the near future, i will start.


Hello and welcome! May many PBs follow.


Ty man! :smiley:



Don’t worry I started speedrunning 3 years ago… and still I only reach 46mins… well im only here if I will return to HL somwhen…

nevermind. :3


Welcome to the forums!