Suddenly, I can't push the cart in c1a0e


Hello. I don’t know what the hell happened, but I can’t push the damn cart. I tried to start the game with “map c1a0” and with the menu, but it still doesn’t work. Also, sometimes I just get randomly stuck, especially when I’m on some kind of elevator. It reaches the destination and I just can’t move. I’m using NGHL.


Make sure to set your FPS to <= 100 at those places, it helps. Regarding the elevators, you can jump on them to prevent that.


My fps_max was 99.5. I’ve set it to 90 and it worked. Thank you very much. Also, I have last question - What’s the best fps_max value? I’ve heard that it has to be set to 99.5, otherwise, your run won’t be legit.


Pretty much everyone uses 99.5. I’m not sure why you can’t push the cart at 99.5. Were you using host_framerate to speed things up?


You need to use 100 on NGHL.


I was using host_framerate 0.05 to speed up the train ride.

OK, thanks once again.