Sub Por OoB Run


So myself and some friends (can’t even and thesunsetbear) were thinking of making a sub por oob run. Pretty much 0 progress is being made on p0r-3r (although I’m still super hyped for it) and sunsetbear talked about making his own run to jukspa or somebody and he thought it would be awesome, so we’re just gonna go for it.
With the strats we have, the projected time is ~7:13. Not gonna give too much information, but the run is very camera-intensive ;D We may not reach that goal, we’re not planning on optimizing it to the point of perfection or it won’t release before p0r-3r. We’re just trying to get sub-por.
In the run’s current state it uses all of the 00-01 segments from PDI and two for 02-03 (the waiting and the doorlaunch.)
We already have a segment with an abh off of the windowsill, which isn’t impressive by any means, but will still save 1-2 seconds off por alone simply because of the not waiting on the windowsill. But other than that we have nothing, and our team is very small. So I posted this thread to ask if anyone wanted to help. I can send you a pm with a link to the save and the first demo after jukspa’s doorlaunch segment. If you want to redo the abh segment, feel free to download the pdi saves and go right on ahead. the save is 013-somethingsomething-testchmb_a_01-jukspa.
btw don’t expect me to be very active on these forums besides this. forums are spooky


Do you intend on it being under ele strat intensive? if not i think i may have a strat id like to use on 14. and possibly one on 15. also, will timescale be allowed or no? if not my 15 strat may not work too well, but i could still go for it if you like.


Well I didn’t exactly say it would be awesome but of course you can do whatever you want it’s not like there’s any sort of a speedrun police that will stop you. If you plan on grabbing someone else’s segments and using them in your run it would be nice to ask for permission first.



Also I don’t really see a reason to make a unoptimal run instead of helping on the current one.


As a new-ish member of the forums, I feel like its an unfathomable feat for me to get in on the current segmented run that’s in the workings. I’d much rather get in on a non-optimised run then to ask to get in on por-er. Just because I don’t really have the closeness to some of the members that other people do.


The main reason we’re making this is because we can’t work on the sub 7 run; quality control and whatnot. We’re making this to show people what we’re made of, so that hopefully we can help. Basically what Infernoux said.

If you guys don’t want us to use them, it’s totally fine. it’ll be a pretty big setback, but it’s not our place to just take someone else’s segments if they don’t want us to use them. Please talk to some people and let me know :slight_smile:

We will be using under elevator a lot, but the traveling to the top of the shaft. It’s a lot less boring than the rta route, believe me ;D
The strat for 14 will be to bring a camera from 13 and get a bunch of speed from the camera before the map loads, then shoot through the hall with a huge amount of speed, then launch into the end elevator. It’s actually not super hard.
The strat for 15 is basically por’s, but a clipping glitch instead of a quick-quantum crouch. If you have anything better, PM me pls