Stuck Jumping


I was messing around with the elevator as you’re escaping from the citadel, just before that. After you’re done with the core, when you’re going down to the trainstation.From the core, I brought the metal door with me, and brought it into the elevator. As the elevator goes down, you keep it. Then you get out of the elevator, and, before it reaches the floor, put the door on the edge. It will then get stuck between the elevator and the floor and be able to give you a stuck jump. I doubt it has any use, but it’s fun nonetheless :D. Demo


Yeah, a demo would be useful. If we could emulate an SPD from Ep2 somehow that might be good. It’s caused by elevators in Ep2 so maybe it may be the same deal in Ep1.


Yeah. I know the axe from EP2. I doubt that this’ll occur very frequently in this game. That was weird, because normally they don’t keep their ultra physics when removed from whatever it is. Like sticking barrels in doors, as soon as they’re out of the door, they’re a regular barrel again.


Well… as for a sticky jump. It would give you some acceleration when bunnyhopping down that long corridor. However manipulating it so that it would send you in the right direction with a fair amount of speed… tricky.


Got the demo. Click


Hmm. Can’t get the demo to play for some reason. When it loads the game crashes. =S


That’s weird. Works for me.


Awww. Still can’t get it to work.Any chance you could put it on youtube?


I’m going to when I next get chance. I can’t upload at the moment. Don’t worry :D. It’s a really good jump as well. Kinda makes me wish it could achieve something.

#10 stuck jump. But with a twist.ep1_c17 00