Strider Fight Suggestion


I know I’m not running this, planning routes, segment grinding, or having anything to do with this run. But I just wanted to make you aware of this if you weren’t already. I found someone doing this -

I did not do this, someone by the name of Jukspa is the actual runner.
Again just making you aware of this if you aren’t. If you do know of this, disregard this completely, or have a laugh watching this insane video again and again.


Holy fuck. That ending.


We are aware of this. Jukspa is working on the run with us :smiley:


If anything as good as this ends up in the actual run I’ll cream my pants repeatedly. And to think this was expected to be the most boring part!


There is also a video of the bit where you go sort out the secondary silo problem, its here if you want to check that out -

Seeing these videos has really built up the hype for this run for me. Almost as excited as for HL21.


Yeah, I’m working with them on ep2dq now. The routes in those videos are slightly outdated so you can expect better times on those maps when we release the final run. There’s a bunch of cool new tricks that have been found fairly recently that should bring the total time to around 35 minutes.