Strat For testchmb_a_02


Yeah, Small strat for testchmb_a_02 :3



I don’t really get it. it’s like going oob in 11/12 and only skiping 11 instead of both.


And you go through that door with save glitch in inbounds and it is faster than this…


Remade the strat, Now it is both chambers. Click video link again to watch it :3


Well, thing is, this start was known for a couple of years at least already


I know ;_; But I will also try to make some other strat with the save glitch there


There’s already a save glitch strat on this map for OoB, which is commonly used in full game runs.

Also the seam glitch route you made is slower than the one Demonstrate made four years ago because he shot the blue portal straight under the room with the portal destruction trigger, so it’s a couple seconds faster than yours because it doesn’t require the portal peeks.