Strange "glitch" in half-life 2 (and the episodes)


I put glitch in quotes because I really don’t think this can qualify as a glitch, neither do I think it should be taken seriously, seeing as though it can only be done with cheats, but I still think it’s interesting enough to have it’s own thread. So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

To activate this glitch, simply get into a vehicle, type noclip into the console twice, and then type ent_remove (if you just type ent_remove or type noclip once, the game will crash). This makes it so that the game thinks you’re still in the vehicle, and uses the model for it. If you type thirdperson into the console, you will see that the player model is missing for this very reason. With this glitch active, you can go right through any object in the game by holding it over your head and releasing it, clip through any floor that has ground underneath it by standing on the object, clip through any wall that has a room right behind it by positioning the object against the wall and jumping into it, or get a vertical boost off the object by jumping into it a certain way. The only real downside to this is that it makes wallclimbing much harder, and flying impossible (don’t even think about wallclimbing while crouching,as it will only work when standing).

This glitch also works on the old engine and steampipe.

The link below has a bunch of demos showing all the skips that can be done with this glitch (should, for whatever reason, a category for this glitch be made, which I think is unlikely, but whatever):!E9YniSKB!iFxJSKtGzOz6sSgDdRp6hQ

P.S: I found a way to clip through the train in the first level, though you can’t go anywhere after you clip out of the train, so it’s pointless. the aforementioned link also contains this.


Gonna have a look at these tomorrow, btw what engine were the demos recorded on? 5135 or something else? I’m assuming the demos containing it are titled strangeglitch_.


The demos were recorded on Source Unpack; Correct.