Stolen video?’s your HL2 tricks & glitches video, posted by yajyaj6.He pretends to be the author of this video, but his nick doesn’t appear at the video and he also doesn’t even HL2DQ.So I’m not sure if it’s a thief/attention whore or just on of your team, logged in under another nickname.

Interesting hey… He doesn’t directly say he made he made the video, but he did leave his steam id which was rather odd.

I wrote that this video is from HL2DQ.I wrote nothing about stealing.Let’s see if this comment remains.

Well your thread title is “Stolen video?”.Stolen… stealing. When somebody steals something, that something then becomes stolen… :wink:

My English sucks?

Is there a way to get this video full quality? all the mirrors are down. :frowning:

I’ve still got it. msn:, and I can probably send it to you, or i’ll upload it to filefront, whatever…

Thanks Pincus, it would be nice if you uploaded to filefront, that way some of my friends can download it to.