Steve Jobs


A good friend of mine, Brian Van Stralen, wrote this about Steve Jobs, I thought it was really interesting, so I thought I’d post it here. For the record, nothing in this is made up or false. All of this you can look up.

Steve Jobs was a cocksucker. Fuck anybody who calls him a hero. He was a narcissistic, egotistical, self-righteous, uncaring, shameless, short-tempered, fucknut and I could not be happier that he is dead. I don’t give one single fuck what anybody here has to say. Steve Jobs has openly admitted on several occasions that he directly steals ideas and engineering and makes them ‘better’. ‘Better’, in his mind was no more than adding useless features and making it more appealing to the eye. When criticized about this; he used special pleading in order to sound justified. Often, he would berate his employees and he would fire them without notices or warnings. He once fired one of his employees on stage as part of a presentation. When he returned to Apple in the 90s, he eliminated all philanthropy in the company and never brought it back. In 2006, he was confronted by the media about child labor that Apple was extorting. He claimed he had no idea that the issues were so severe and promised to change them as soon as he could. In 2009, reports had shown that not only had the conditions been ignored, but it had gotten much worse. One of the manufacturers was interrogated and beaten senseless by his superiors when he lost a prototype iPhone, and promptly committed suicide. Steve Jobs paid as much attention to this as the media wanted, and quickly forgot after the controversy died down. Steve Jobs revolutionized jack shit. He used his position in the mainstream to take Apple versions of already existing devices and make it appear that he had made it popular himself. I reiterate; I could not be happier that he is dead. The world is a little better now. You guys want to worship another computer engineering CEO? Research Bill Gates. He is a stand-up guy. He is the genius, and he is the hero. Bill Gates has donated over $10,000,000,000 dollars to charity and has put thousands of unemployed people to work. Enjoy him while he’s still around. Hopefully it’ll be longer than Steve.


tl,dr, but I’ve always hated Apple.


Jared stabbed him


Agreed but this isn’t really news though. I think most of this is explained in “Pirates of Silicon Valley”


Whats the use of using Apple products anyway? Their prices are high as fuck for normal computers/devices. Every other device made by other manifacturer with same features is 2 times cheaper. But people still buy Apple products because of their ‘big’ name and ‘good’ looks. What do they get? A choppy and limited software designed specially for iOS. The amount of these applications isnt huge, compared to what Windows users get and in a half cheaper price, but people still choose to pay more and get limitations.

On a side note: In 2002 Bill Gates introduced first tablet PC ever, but nobody gave a fuck, but they got hyped about iPad announced in 2010, just because Apple has their ‘big’ name.
Now when Microsoft introduced The Surface - everyone thinks that they stole the idea from Apple iPad.


Apple isnt good looking.

Those iPhones are fugly as hell


I’ll be sad when Gabe dies.

What am I talking about he’s going to outlive all of us.


Gaben will eat us all!


I hate apple too, and steve jobs even more.
But I do have some kind of respect for apple, I mean they must be a super smart, they found a way to sell products 10x shittier at 10x the price and still sell 10x more than the competitors. No other company can do that.


Sure they can. Apple is fashion, just like everything else. Companies do the same thing all the time; They sell the same pair of jeans, or sunglasses, or whatever for several times the cost just because they can put some random logo on them.


but apple isn’t doing the same thing, they’re not selling the same thing at a higher price, they’re making a worse product for several times the price, and they lead the market.


That’s what Igge said, he just used the wrong words!


It’s not really genius to follow the whole tread bandwagon. Apple made an easy-to-use-yet-restricted OS for the whole iphone shit, then stylized it. I have an iPhone (not by choice, I was just given) and I think the thing is a massive piece of shit, and I can’t wait for my upgrade to come in.


I have an Iphone too, and it was my choice to get it, but what makes me mad is that I chose iphone over android for the simple reason that all my friends has ipods and iphones so if I ever wanted to play games in multiplayer with them i would need one too. so Apple got me as a customer because they got my friends as customers


I dont want to live on this planet anymore.


Find new friends!


almost everyone I know doesn’t have an cellphone or has an iphone -.-


I prefer my old qwerty phone>my iphone. I didn’t follow the who “buy an iphone because reasons” thing because I like to invest my money on things that aren’t retarded.


My w880i sweetheart just died. Had it for 5 years. Any suggestions what new phone I should buy?