Finally summer vacation is here! And what better way to salute it than to pull all nighters all the time?

Though I am an experienced all night puller (my god that sounds so wrong in Swedish), I think we all could gather tips and tricks and whatnot for staying awake, entertaining yourself while doing so and everything in between!

I’ll start out (with an obvious but important one)… MAKING COFFEE!


Even more importantly: Drinking coffee.


Lägg er innan 0300 eller ni kommer att få dåliga hastighetsspringningar
// Erfaren hastighetsspringare




I thought that was kinda obvious? :open_mouth:

Wat. It’s as weird in Swedish as it is in English!


Also very important: Take some sleep when the night is over


Don’t get drunk, that’s a very unsmart thing to do.


Drink waaay more water.

Eat a little bit more than usual.

If your eyes get sore place something cold on them and it will soothe them.

Try not to relax too much. :smiley:


its ultimate swenglish