"startmovie" doesn't work with the old version?


I tried “startmovie” with the old version emu, but it outputs a corrupted wav(sometimes over 1GB :o) and crashes very often during capturing. of course audio setting is set to 2 speakers and it works perfectly with the current steam version.could someone test if yours works or not? it might be a pain to capturing the old version runs if there isn’t a way to fix this :frowning:


I’ve tryed at my comp, got the same crash + 1.7gb corrupted wav =)I’m very interesting in hl2dq video capturing, spend much time on achieving high quality result video. Both “old” and “new” demos captured smoothly with including _2-demos and looks nice.I’m using fraps+soundforge+virtualdub+autogordianknotIf you allow me, I will write my way step-by-step =)


I’ve heard fraps doesn’t capture at the best quality, does it?looks like it resumes tga output fine even after getting crashed if you wait a couple of minutes. so I think captureing tga with startmovie then capturing audio with a 3rd party tool is the best way for the old version.


Suga, please tell me how do you use startmovie command?My trouble is that I get low framerate result video with it.That what type in console (for example):startmovie some_movieplaydemo p2_d2_prison_04_suga_11s(after some second when it brings back to console I quit)I want “smooth” video at 30 frames per second, so it should be ~11s * 30 = ~330 framesBut in hl2 folder there are just 117 tga frames (117/11s = ~10fps in result video) =(I guess I do something wrong but don’t knowAnd I satisfied with quality by fraps, but if startdemos should be better, I’ll try to use it.


@doxliy:You should first write:host_framerate 30 (this makes the “startmovie” command record in 30fps all the time)so for recording a demo using startmovie you would write it like this:host_framerate 30startmovie movie_nameplaydemo demo_nameyou could also create a bind like this:bind “F11” "host_framerate 30; startmovie movie_name"bind “F12” endmovieThen you start the demo, “playdemo demo_name”, and press F11 (before?) the demo starts (I think you should press it before so that ALL frames gets recorded…but I’m not a great console-scripter…). Finnish video by pressing F12 (endmovie).ALL info on how to make a HL2-movie can be found here:http://webpages.charter.net/tknott/other/hl2-movie.pdf (download it at read it)It’s a quite good guide, but I haven’t read all of it because I’m not really into HL2-movie-making…but it’s a real good guide however!—This is the way that Valve is doing it (I’ve heard rumours at least). And even though FRAPS quality is quite good, this method makes the video in perfect quality (until we decode/compress it for the final video)wow, this was a long post :smiley:


Thanks Dalelewill !