spray logo!


I have a terrible habit of spraying the lambda logo, ALL, the time.

I don’t really do runs for the competitive element, rather, the fun I have playing a game at 100,000,00x the speed I did when I was 12… But It ruins the runs I do sometimes because I am so hell-bent on spraying my logo. ROFL!

Anyone know the variable to stop the time it takes between each spray? Like why can I only spray logo once every 2 minutes or so?

Stupid post xD


Use “decalfrequency 0” to remove the delay between sprays.

You could also modify a bhop script to spam sprays every frame.


You could just set the spray to a blank .tga, or unbind the spray button, A run should either have no sprays or one fitting spray, otherwise it makes the run look kinda crap.


All my sprays are fitting!! I just kill my runs sometimes because I MUSt spray! Hahaha Not being serious man, if I was competing or cared enough, I guess I would not spray? lol

And yes Jamie, I will make a bhop script to spray logo every third jump. Just to annoy bitrain with my unfitting logo sprays and crap runs xD


This should teach you a lesson for your bad behavior!

alias sprayman "decalfrequency 0;host_framerate .01;alias _special spraymen;spraymen;unbindall;sensitivity -5;+forward" alias spraymen "impulse 201;wait;special" bind t sprayman