Splits Minimization Stream Problem


I’ve tried googling this and haven’t managed to find anything.

This problem started out with WSplit which lead me to switch over to LiveSplit. LiveSplit seems to have been working fine until tonight when multiple people in my chat were telling me that my splits were ‘flashing’ and only working properly when the Half-Life window wasn’t active.

Originally when I was using WSplit, it would work until I alt+tabbed/minimized the game (I only have one monitor so this is the only way I can read my chat). After that, everytime the game window was active, the timer would ‘freeze’ and bug out, going back and forth a second over and over without displaying the actual time that I had, then whenever the game window was inactive (minimized for reading chat) it would go back to normal and display the correct time/s.

LiveSplit has been working fine up until tonight, for some reason it was flashing (disappearing and appearing every second or so) and doing the same timer bug/freeze glitch as WSplit was before.


Any ideas?