Speedrunning tips for Half Life 2: Old Engine?


So I tried speedrunning Half Life 2 in the old engine (Kudos to Centaur1um who helped me get it work) and I finished with 1290331 ticks, which I believe is 30 ticks a second which translates to 10.94 hours. I bunnyhopped and skipped every enemy I could, but still lagged behind. Does someone have tips that I could use to save time and go faster?


There is a full guide on YouTube for running the new engine, because you’re running old engine some tricks and routes will be different, but large parts of the guide will be the same, at least for getting started:


I meant like tips for certain maps, like bypassing the fight on the lighthouse level


That guide should cover it, it has walkthroughs for each map, just skip ahead to the coast ones


You should really get familiar with the fastest routes, practice them so you can do it every attempt. Watch some tutorials to help you with that, it should cut down your time significantly.


This tutorial has everything you need, theres only a small amount of strats that tutorial doesnt have.