Speedrunning dreams


I very rarely remember my dreams, but for some reason i recall this one very vividly. It’s probably the most detailed dream I’ve ever remembered, and to top it off it was a weird, nightmare-ish dream about speedrunning (I guess). It’s a pretty long read so I can understand if you cant be bothered reading it, but I felt it was too detailed and specific to ignore, so I just wanted to write it down:

I’m watching the new half-life run. When I get to the main area of blast pit, where you bunnyhop the bridges around the cylinder with the tentacles in it, I just feel like I have to pause the video and tell quadrazid how much I’m enjoying the details of the run so far. He tells me to linger for a second, and then he joins my server [because for some reason it’s not a video I’m watching in a media player anymore].

When he enters the server we’re both swimming in the water below the bridges [which actually is acid but this was not the case here]. All of this is happening as if it were in real life, but inside the Half-Life map. We’re floating on the surface and talking about me wanting to speedrun hl1. I mention I should be able to get a hang of bunny hopping pretty quickly, as I’ve done it a lot in 1.6.

Somehow we’ve now teleported onto a platform towards the top of the room, still in the main room around the cylinder though. The water in which we just swam is far below us. I try bunnyhopping once, and it feels very awkward. It’s as though I was bunnyhopping in real life, and since there is no air accelerate in real life that explains the awkwardness. Quad tells me maybe it would be easier to do it in third person [which is actually me standing still and controlling a model which is bunnyhopping around me]. I try it out the way he explained, and in no time the model I’m controlling is jumping around fluently in circles and doing figure-8s around 2 pillars which were conveniently placed on the plateau.

Coolkid has appeared out of nowhere, and he suggests that I should edgebounce to the cylinder in the middle of the room. I jokingly say we should place a cheese slicer on the edge of the platform since it’s “slightly slanted”, and follow up with a “can you imagine how that would hurt? Hahaha…” [since it would slice the bottom of my heels off].

I’m now bunnyhopping in first person, and I edgebounce off of the cheese slicer. I fly to the cylinder which now looks more like the Xen teleporter, seeing how it’s split up into several tall pillars with a 45 degree angle at the top. These pillars still form a cylinder however, and far below, in the center, there is acid. Behind me, on the outside of the pillars, there is still the water in which me and quadrazid swam earlier.

Coolkid is sitting on the same pillar to which I’m hanging on [im sitting on the 45 degree angle clinging over the edge]. I tell him that I just realized that if I had flown too far on my edgebounce I would have fallen into the acid and died. This thought makes me very nervous. I also realize that I can’t get down from this pillar in any way other than jumping into the water which is still far below me, probably 50 meters or so. I’m starting to panic and I tell Coolkid [who seems very calm and not at all worried] that maybe we should call an ambulace to get back (I think I meant to say the fire department).

I then realize that Coolkid can just lower the gravity on the server with the laptop he somehow now has in his hands. I ask him to lower it to 100 and tell him not to change it while I jump. He promises not to. I see in the top left corner of my eyes that gravity has been lowered too 100, and I jump.

I’m falling too quickly, this must be 800 gravity! Fuck. This is it. I’m going to die. In the blink of an eye I hit the water. A huge splash is heard. The very next moment I’m just floating.

My eyes are shut and my body aches badly around my chest area. All i hear are small waves rolling and crashing, and I feel them over my face. I don’t know if I’ve just died or if I survived.

Time passes, whether it’s 10 seconds or 10 minutes, or even 1 hour I don’t know. Eventually the waves push me into the outer edge of the water, away from the middle cylinder and into the outer one of the big main room, below where we were bunnyhopping previously. I hear quadrazid calling out to me, telling me to get into the life boat. I open my eyes slowly, and I see him on top of a rather big construction made of metal bars [in retrospect it reminds me of a small oil rig]. Quad is sitting on the edge of it and calling out me.

I notice now that my tongue is extremely swollen and can barely fit in my mouth. My chest still hurts badly. As I make my way to the “life boat”, I notice my tongue is leaking something, and I have to empty my mouth of this green/yellow-ish tongue liquid several times. It remains grotesquely swollen, and that combined with the liquid is one of the most horrible feelings I’ve ever experienced.

Just before I reach the life boat I wake up.

Again, the cool part is that several of the events in the dream were more or less identical to things that happened just recently. I was talking to quad about speedrunning hl1, and even comparing bhopping in hl1 to counter-strike just yesterday. I also watched some of Coolkid’s twitch vods recently, including his 36:15 SS run. I’ve also watched the new HL run probably 8 or 9 times by now, so Half-Life has been pretty ingrained in my brain lately, which could also explain the dream.

Anyhow, I hope you got something out of reading this, and that it wasn’t a complete waste of time. Feel free to share your speedrunning dreams.

Edit: I made a picture to describe better how it looked. The blue area is where we were bunnyhopping, if you imagine a plateau stretching into the wall. The red pillars were the “middle cylinder” with the acid in between them, and water on the outside.


I had a good laugh reading this.

Once I had a dream in which a tau-cannon arrived inside my mailbox out of nowhere. I qucikly unpacked it and took it outside to test it out. I started boosting around everywhere with the wind whistling through my ears, one time I even charged it too much and got so high that I thought I was going to die. Right before I hit the ground I managed to edgebug from a stump and I was so relieved to make it to the ground alive.

I wish I had more dreams related to speedrunning. Most of them are about plain bunnyhopping without any interesting twists.

Also: Speedrunning Dreams ;D


Falling in dreams is really terrifying. I remember the panic I felt when watching the water come closer in my dream. It feels so real.

And about that other topic, I searched the forum for other topics containing the word “dream” but didn’t find any relevant ones. How embarrassing that the one topic that existed was made by me and had the exact same name as this one. >_>


I actually dream about bunnyhopping on a regular basis, and it’s a shame that I can actually bunnyhop better in “real life” (in the dream) than I can in the actual game. The weird thing is, most of the time I end up gaining height as well as speed when bunnyhopping in a dream…

Half-life is wayyy too important in my life ‘-’


I had a dream a few weeks back in which I convinced myself that wall-strafing worked in real life. When I woke up and was still groggy enough to believe this, I went into my basement and tried to push myself against the wall while running forward. I went nowhere, tripped, fell, and landed on my arm.

I wish this was a joke


Quad, this is what happens to igge when you don’t release HL21. Please help him, he’s suffering


^yeah this like a lot


It’s the magic of 2041pre.mp4 :>


I spent quite some time once trying to airstrafe around a corner.