Speedrunning Dreams


So it finally happened. I dreamt about speedrunning. And not just speedrunning, but I dreamt about THE speedrun.

It was incredibly cool. I was with a friend, walking around in the level that is mimp2. We were strolling down the road, very close to where you get out of the tunnel going from mimp1.

All of a sudden I figured I would show him my route for the segment, so somehow a combine model came out of the tunnel (not abhing, but just regularly bunny hopping), went up the road, hit the wall, and bounced over to the other side. We were standing there just watching it go over and over again, like we were watching a demo on repeat, only this was “real”, and we were standing next to it.

Then all of a sudden we were down on the beach, way down there below the bridge, and were watching the combine model fly over the gap over and over again. Kinda like just watching it from another angle because it was cool.

Then I woke up. :frowning:

I’m pretty amazed I wasn’t only dreaming about speedrunning, but about the speedrun I’m running, and “I” was doing the exact segments I would do in the real level.


I dreamed about flying once.

For some reason it just felt right holding the object with my hands and repeatedly jumping off it.

However I do get a nightmare quite frequently (nothing to do with speedrunning) where I’m trying to get away from something like a car. When I try to run away (I don’t know why I don’t just move to one side) I feel like I’m running in water. :-\


Hm. I remember a thread on another forum from a couple of years back. The entire thread was about the question “Why do you run so slowly when you dream?”, and it seemed many people experienced this. Basically whenever they (you) try to run away from something in a dream you’re moving extremely slowly. Weird.

It seems this is quite common.

being chased = being criticized running in slow motion = feeling helpless, lack of full control, struggle.

Strangely get them a lot more when I come on here. :smiley:


That’s dream is awesome! I’d love to see it IRL :smiley:

I sometimes have dreams when I am running from something really slow or the ground keeps breaking and I’m falling down or something like that… :frowning:


Haha, good to hear that you’re practicing speedrunning in your dreams igge! :wink:

I’ve had one speedrunning dream that I can remember, I was standing on a walkpath with knee-high ledges on it and I thought that “you could just jump over these ledges instead of following the path, it’s much faster!” I disticly remember that I thought that I had found a small sequence break :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind of related: I’ve had several dreams where I kind of enter a video-game. It usually starts out that I’m watching/playing a game on a screen and all of a sudden (without any transition) I’ve entered the game and I’m experiencing it as a FPS. They’re awesome dreams!

Dream-interpretations aren’t that truthful, especially not when done by some random guy on the internet. Some interpretations are correct, but you should always see what your life is like at the moment, what kind of person you are and how the dream feels (not just what happens) - there are no general interpretations that are 100% correct. Saying that “being chased” absolutely means “being criticized” just isn’t true - I can think of a lot of dream-scenarious (both good and bad) where being chased has nothing to do being criticized in you awake life.

I’ve had the slow-mo running in dreams at least once, it was a couple of years ago. It’s a really weird feeling and I absolutely agree with you Typical that it feels like running under water. I explained it to my friend that it feels like your body is drunk but your mind is sober. Your mind is clear and want to run fast but your body is just slow and awkward… it’s a weird sensation.


I’ve been doing a lot of Wake induced lucid dreaming lately, and in one of the few times I’ve been successful, I tried speedrunning. Doesn’t work. Shit sucks. Fucking Valve patching my head. Btw, does anyone else have this problem? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080911213742AAUBrsJ


I’ve been writing down my dreams for a couple of years now, which is one part of trying to become lucid. I don’t do anything active to become lucid (like Wake Induced Lucid Dreams, aka WILD) but I snooze for hours… which basically is what WILD is all about (well, snoozing and thinking about having lucid dreams). How long have you been doing the WILD-technique and how successful has it been? I’ve only had 5 or so lucid dreams, not all were full-thrown lucid dreams though. I’ve had several where I think “oh this MUST be a dream” but the dream disapears.

Yeah I’ve had that “can’t scream” or “scream isn’t loud” dream. Twice I think. It’s similar to the slow-mo running dreams in that sense that your mind is clear and knows what it wants to do but your “body” isn’t cooperating at all - similar kind of frustration in that sense.

Sounds in dreams are weird generally. Can you remember having a dream where you heard a loud noice/bang? Have you reacted to a loud sound in a dream? Ever covered your ears in a dream? I can’t remember having a dream where sound was that “real”.


I’ve been successful with WILD’s 3 times, the first was about a year ago, the 2nd time was about 4 months ago (the speedrunning attempt) and the 3rd time didn’t even stick, I was just walking around some tree, then I lost control because I forgot to do a reality check. I just started practicing lucid dreaming again after seeing Inception, I’m sure if I stuck with it when I was a kid, I could be able to have WILD’s whenever I felt like it. That’d be dope.

And I have had dreams where there were really loud sounds, once, I was about 10 when this happened, there was this really loud thunder storm going on outside, and I was having a dream, suddenly at this random point in the dream, I hear the people in my dream say BOOM, followed by the loudest fucking thunder I’ve ever heard (it was close to our house, scared the shit out of me)

I’ll revise this later, I’m going to bed.


Yeah I’ve done the “rubbing hands”-trick that is supposed to anchor the lucid dream, and I’ve had some success with it. I love dreams and Inception is an awesome movie… and I actually had a dream that reminded of the “zero gravity fight scene in the hall”. I was in a building and the whole building was falling down, but falling VERY slowly. So eventually the spiral-stairs where pointing outwards instead of upwards (almost leaning 90 degree) so you couldn’t use the stairs but instead you had to climb the outside of the spiral-stairs. A weird dream and it ended good cause the building kind of got turned upside-down and everyone was okey…

So you heard the people say BOOM very loudly? But couldn’t that just have been the thunder that you heard IRL that your dreams adjusted to? That’s also something really interesting; when dreams are influenced by external sounds/sights. I used to have a radio-channel that started as an alarm, but every now and then the radio-chatter would be picked up by my thoughts and thrown into a dream-scenario.

Has anyone seen Waking Life?

Speedrunning dreams

Well fuck, I can’t get into lucid dreaming anymore because everytime I’m about to attempt it, my body just gets all itchy, and I can’t fall asleep scratching or leaving the itch there, I’ve been pavloved by my own mind D:

It is really weird how outside forces effects dreams, I usually leave the TV on when I go to sleep, and one time I remember I was doing some sort of construction thingy, and this song came on the TV (idk why O_o) and everyone just started dancing on the job site. It was fucking strange.