SPD in Portal 2?


isnt portal 2 affected by https://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Super_Physics_Deformation , as u can see in this video it fits into description of this glitch

this is after i held the cube while funnel glitching ( i dont remember how i actually did that , probably i tried to put it on fate plate) did u ever met something like that ?


Im not quite sure what you have found since im not familiar with portal 2 glitches but I think its something else.
In SPD all you do is place the prop somewhere where a ridiculous amount of force is being applied to it and then it launches you every time you touch it as seen in this video

You on the other hand appear to be doing the same trick whenever you want it to launch you, and it kind of looks like it pushes you up rather than give you speed. Pretty weird.


Sorry whoever posted this, I accidentally deleted a post that got picked up by the spam filter with this video in it (no other message):