Portal 2 - sp_a4_tb_catch - Intended Solution (DemonStrate)
Portal 2 - Route for sp_a4_tb_catch (Kingpin)
sp_a4_tb_catch possible route (Pmk138)
sp_a4_tb_catch complete (Pmk13)
sp_a4_tb_catch cube grab at end timesaver (Pmk138)
Portal 2 - sp_a4_tb_catch (coolkid)


I’m not 100% sure this can be done but it looks like it probably can be.

Executed right it will only be a minor timesaver I think. Then again I may be wrong and the best way to do this map would be normally.


You can get up there just fine with your method if you reportal after you exit the blue portal. (exit blue portal->shoot blue portal to another portable surface while you’re in the orange portal)


Yup… I was so tired when I made that that I forgot I need to replace the portal to reportal… I was just shooting into nothingness lol. Oh well, uploading new one right now.

Done right this should be just slightly faster than doing it normally.


I’m making a new post just to make sure this is seen because this will probably be the biggest timesaver on this map. So while I was falling asleep I had this idea and in theory it should work but in my current state of mind I am not able to do it even with timescale. I’m uploading the vid right now and it’s a pretty decent time cut from the room when done right.

So this room’s route would be the first half of the first vid and then this basically.


I think this would be faster for the first part (and can be made faster if you shoot your portal blue portal lower and reportal after the orange one):