Portal 2 Chapter 8 Chamber 15 bug (raserucort)
Portal 2 - P-body doesn’t want to continue testing (Kingpin)
Portal 2 - sp_a4_speed_tb_catch route (adzicents)
sp_a4_speed_tb_catch (route) (00Svo)


Video 2 has been deleted.

Also first post yay.


Fastest route I have found, but you need to activate the P-body trigger before you get to the platform.


Hmm, I might have accidentally removed the 2nd video, if that’s the case, could someone re-post it?


The video was removed on YouTube, so there was little (actually no) point in keeping the link here. You already deleted it, but there’s no reason to restore it.


You could just do this


can you do that and still activate p-body?


It looks the p-body moves only if you’re standing on the main platform trigger right after Wheatley starts moving stuff.


Which of course removes the portals you can put on that wall. I can’t see any way to hit that trigger.


Just came up with this.
This is about a second faster than kingpin’s route, and easier to execute.


Nice one.