sp_a4_jump_polarity crouch flying route (Pmk138)
Portal 2 - Chapter 8 Chamber 16 (61 Seconds) (Tennisbegnt/Laufas)


Pretty simple, I’m sure most people knew this was the route already.


Don’t think that “you use flying here” makes a route. There’s plenty of ways to get the glitch going and finding the fastest one is key. Also finding a way that keeps the flying to a minimum. Even in places where this looks obvious it could be a lot harder than you think.


I know it doesn’t make a route but this is the fastest run for now. Also adzicents’s list of maps to use this on lists this as one of the maps to use it on (even though that means nothing because that could be wrong). And this route is just a route. I’d like to see it be improved because it is way to simple feeling for this map.