Portal 2: [Chapter 7] First Chamber Cube Skip (Paraxade)
Portal 2 - sp_a3_speed_ramp (coolkid)
Portal 2 - sp_a3_speed_ramp theory (Kingpin)
z1m’s sp_a3_speed_ramp cut (bandit5k)
Portal 2 - sp_a3_speed_ramp strafe re-portal (Kingpin)
sp_a3_speed_ramp (23 seconds) (00Svo)
sp_a3_speed_ramp_v3 - Bhop to reportal (bandit5k)
Portal 2 Route - sp_a3_speed_ramp 0:18 (Inexistence)
sp_a3_speed_ramp Better Route (00Svo)
sp_a3_speed_ramp (28 seconds not segmented) (00Svo)
Portal 2 - sp_a3_speed_ramp - Wallstrafe Bunnyhop Reportal Jump (DemonStrate)
00Svo’s sp_a3_speed_ramp route. (bandit5k)
sp_a3_speed_ramp (28 seconds) (00Svo)
sp_a3_speed_ramp first shot positioning (00Svo)


23 seconds
best i could do.
with no mistakes, bunnyhopping, and better conservation of momentum 19 might be possible.


I have an 18. It’s 15 seconds long, but I started recording 3 seconds after you. Bunnyhopping and a bit of a faster shot made this much quicker. I’ll get a video up as soon as I can.


thats awesome! cant wait to see it


Seems like Inexistence is taking his time, so I’ma finish this peanut butter bagel (what a stupid idea, hole in a bun???) and try and work on improving the route. I think there’s 1 advance to be made. :slight_smile:


mind sharing what it may be?



There’s 1 faster route maybe, but I can’t get it. You turn to the right as you enter the main chamber and re-portal from the wall…I’ve come so close, but it’s just out of reach. :’(


oh i thought you had something new, thats what the other guys said he did… why dont you combine that with the first shot and see what kind of time you can manage?

and i havent been able to reportal from walls yet. my bunnyhopping is just awful. how close have you gotten from the wall reportal?


The same as I get when I just normally jump into the floor portal one, rather than bunnying. I also thought that he was using the wallstrafe that Demonstrate demonstrated. xD

The other option is to peek a portal from the right side panel at the entrance upto the button and then down into the floor again. I think it’ll be faster as bunny is VERY slow in Portal 2 really, also the extra speed might get you to the lift slightly faster.


only thing is you cant peekaportal unless if your view is moving as transgenic demonstrated here:

so i dont see how it can be done from vertical to vertical


Man, all those hours in vein, and I thought it was me being bad. -.-



There you go guys.


Really nice. About the whole “started recording late” thing, you do know you can startmovie before you play the actual demo?


I started the demo late, good sir.


Well shhhtop it! :smiley:

If you spam record during map loading(restart command) it will start recording just before the map loads. If you’re using quicksaves then you have to record after the load. Quicksaves load faster than a map restart though. :>


I know, I know. I was just recording that one as a test and it came out nicely. It makes no effect on the actual run.


This video is really awesome.