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I posted this in SDA with all the info about it. I figured I’d repost it here just for documentation.

"I think I can help out a little on some routes. I’m kinda new to speedrunning, but I played a lot of Portal 1.

I’m trying to work-out a route for sp_a3_portal_intro, here’s what I have right now:

Some of the gel didn’t show up on the demo, possibly because I used quicksave?

I had to slow it down a little to get the reportals right… I still messed the last one up, but I guess it didn’t matter. I’m sure you guys can pull it off at normal speed. Also, I think the last portal could be cut out with some good positioning on the first orange portal."


I think there can be one less “hop” in this. Meaning, it can be done with one less set of portaling, but I haven’t tested it myself yet. You’d have to get the white paint more left than what is shown in the video.


If you did a demo recording, any gel placed before the demo was started is invisible.


It seems you’re right :smiley:
Here’s an updated version:

Ahh, I see. Ty


Possible route for the second puzzle in sp_a3_portal_intro


Updated the route for the conversion room again since they fixed vertical reportal.


Most of us on this forum don’t play post-patch. Too many advantages of pre-patch. Sorry.


Key word… most


I found a new route for the conversion room. I recorded this in challenge mode, but this route would be almost the same in all versions (just horizontal reportal instead of vertical).
New route starts at 0:54

[It’s worth noting that you can use the same route only with one reportal (instead of two), but I’m pretty sure it’s slower since you have to wall-strafe up stairs. For the single portal route, you have to jump straight into the blue portal from the walkway and you can just barely strafe onto the lower platform.]

A cool little trick that’s used, that I don’t think anyone has mentioned, is jumping right before the elevator stops which allows you to jump really high (even high enough to hit the top of the elevator). In this route, it allows me to shoot a portal before the elevator even opens.