Portal 2: [Chapter 7] Puzzle Skip (Paraxade)
sp_a3_end - Theory (toten)
Portal 2 - sp_a3_end (Two routes) (D4rw1N)
Portal 2 - TubeBump (RøvRapunzel)


A theory for the first part: sp_a3_end_01.dem

It might not be that fast if it would work, though.

Edit: This won’t work, the gels are not active because you skip a trigger… crap.


Hi this is my theory:

If you have got any ideas write comment or make a response video


Two alternative routes I found, not sure which one would work out the best so I posted both in one video.


That drop in the first one is just too cool. D:


I just added RøvRapunzel’s lift skip video in the first post. A big time saver, and a really nice find.


Nice skip, nice nick. Glad to see someone’s still running this. 8)