Yeah…I retract that statement, I’m pretty sure I posted that before I even thought about using a torrent for the run. I Derp’d.


Does any one know how to make a steam-less backup of the game? I have yet to update it to the DLC version.


I do believe that Portal 2 will be similar instructions to L4D/2


I just thought I’d register and reply to the DLC update thing…
Basically, if you haven’t updated yet, you can just backup your Portal 2 folder (Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2) before updating.
Then just disable automatic updating of the game in steam, and you can switch between the DLC and the pre-DLC version.


How do you “switch” between them? Steam will not allow you to open the game if you are online without it trying to automatically update it, even if it is set to “disable automatic updating”. That only tells it to not automatically update prior to you launching the game (meaning while Steam is idle), but it does not stop it from forcing an update on launch if you are online. You can go in Offline mode, but then you’ll never have the updated version.


Use a cracked version? No updates, no steam, no network problems…


I’m making a Standalone version tonight, but it is just annoying that my hours won’t get tracked. People always question the amount of hours I have for Portal 1, considering I claimed that I played it for a long time to make Portal Done Pro, yet my time on Steam is under 100 hours. I guess I’m just stuck not getting my time logged again. :frowning:


Guys, I need help. I copied all the files from Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2, and I ran through the tutorial that Cameron:D posted, but mine will start up and say “could not load library content”. I can’t seem to find a solution. Anyone know what I did wrong?


downloading a cracked version would probably save you hours already.


I already have one, but I just wanted the same version I was using… It doesn’t matter that much, though.


This is what I’ve done:

I made a backup of the portal 2 folder (Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2) to somewhere else on my HDD. This will be the “pre-update” version.

Then I just let steam update the game. So now I have the updated version in the ‘common’ folder and the pre-update version somewhere else on my harddrive.

Then I renamed the updated folder to something else (portal 2-dlc) and copied over the backup I made to the ‘common’ folder, and renamed it ‘portal 2-pre’.

So now I have those 2 folders in my ‘common’ directory, and I can just rename the ‘portal2-pre’ folder to ‘portal 2’ if I want to play the pre-dlc version. (Same thing with portal2-dlc, if I want to play the updated version) It works just fine.

Maybe you have to run the updated/dlc version first, and then you can run the old version?