Portal 2 - Minor timesaver before the elevator shot (Kingpin)
Portal 2 Chapter 6 Level 2: Skip to the lift (GuyNamedBob)
Portal 2 - sp_a3_03 (coolkid)
Portal 2 Chapter 6 shortcut (aMannus)
Portal 2 | sp_a3_03 lift escape (m1el)
Portal 2 - sp_a3_03 elevator skip (coolkid)
Portal 2 - sp_a3_03 - Route - Update #1 (Juice)
sp_a3_03 - approx. 1 minute (wilco)


Portal 2 | sp_a3_03 lift escape
You can escape from the lift and do whatever you want to. (but you can’t enter the lift shaft because there is an invisible wall)


The invisible wall is a bummer, but I’m pretty sure it still saves time. But isn’t there some other portalable surface nearby you can use to get up?


Only if you can make bhop jump to the starting platform, what I consider to be impossible very hard. Just did a second jump (from railing to the starting platform), but still can’t make first one (on the railing).


You can get back to the first platform without going up the elevator.


Care to enlighten us?


I’ll make a video of it:


OMG, I have tried to make that jump for few hours in a row, even using host_timescale, and failed so many times. Can you upload a demo somewhere please?



Wallstrafe before you the strafejump.


I will just leave it here :wink:
Portal 2 - sp_a3_03 - Route - Update #1

  • Juice.


Now you’re thinking with reportalling!


missed a trick

stick that into your run and you wont be beaten.