Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a2_sphere_peek - Route (DemonStrate)
Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a2_sphere_peek - Route - Update 1 (DemonStrate)

sp_a2_sphere_peek (ending-slightly faster) (00Svo)
sp_a2_sphere_peek (TTom’s cube trick with other thing) (00Svo)
sp_a2_sphere_peek (cube shortcut-end) (00Svo)

Portal 2 - sp_a2_sphere_peek - Cube Timesaver (TTom)
Portal 2 - sp_a2_sphere_peek - Button Timesaver (TTom)
Portal 2 - sp_a2_sphere_peek - Box Catch (TTom)
Portal 2 - sp_a2_sphere_peek - Ending Idea (TTom)


faster than what we have before

should be a couple seconds or so faster than the other way. Hitting the panel with the laser was so annoying, i lost some time cause of it. otherwise bunnyhopping can only improve speed here.


Heres a way to save time placing the cube, combined with Svo’s trick would make it even faster.


You can skip one portal fling if you bhop off the ‘platform’ where the cube is which makes you able to hit the sloped surface that brings you up to the door midair.


Not really sure what you mean?

Heres a pretty nice way to press the button and grab the box a little earlier :slight_smile:


Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a2_sphere_peek - Route - Update 1


TTOM here:

cant do the laser burn portion of it since its extremely difficult to do all at once. jump place the cube spin shoot at slanted wall, aim at wall, find where laser is hitting it, hesitate, shoot slightly higher than i actually want to.

unless if the laser is hitting the wall at close to 90 degrees i dont think its possible to use the burn thing to save time.

that would be extremely difficult ot accomplish because getting the burn to work requires the portal to be placed at the perfect place in relation to the laser so that when you fall through the blue one it hits you from behind, not block your path.

sorry if thats confusing.

it would be almost impossible to combine the laserburn technique with your cube thing, too many variables. unless if you slow down time. but thats cheating.


I think it might be possible to gain enough distance if you jump twice from where you pick up the cube but as you said it’s extremely hard (which is why i didn’t try it ;D).

In any case if they are mutually exclusive then you would need to compare the time saved if it was used in conjunction with DemonStrates cube throw, but I think pulling both of those off in a single shot is just as difficult. :slight_smile:


yeah. you cant get it to hit the wall at a good angle unless if its pretty far out (because of the pile of trash) so i dunno. Its possible but youd have to be extremely lucky to get it done.


This should save ~5 seconds at least. :slight_smile:

It’s probably faster to get to the button by reportaling instead of jumping from the slanted surface, but its very hard to pull off because of the extra portal you have to shoot as you press the button.

edit: Finishing the map quickly from this position is more difficult than it looks ;D


I like that a lot. I have an idea…


i tweaked your method a little but it didnt help much

this is actually slower than transgenic’s way but idc good enough for me

i dunno what to say, lots of room to fix things up. I spent a lot of time standing and aiming when i couldve shot while walking. The biggest waste of time as you said was getting enough momentum to finish the level. Also i failed at the door so lost a few seconds waiting for it to open.

TTOM you keep coming up with great tricks. iloveit

EDIT: yeah i was 2 seconds slower than trans in setting up my cube and portals (wasted a lot of time being precise(unnecessary, could be much faster) also should have shot portals earlier and had unnecessary amount of momentum, no need to climb all the way up ramp) ill try it with your trick

also lost a second on the door. couldnt get the laser to hit it quickly enough.

stupid ways to lose time but hey, its just a route. still time to optimize.


Heres my idea, you can land on the place I start the video from when you pick up the cube. :slight_smile:

edit: you could probably do the laser burn thing from here aswell.


i just edited my post check it out.
also thats a good idea, i wish i saw that possibility earlier.