Portal 2 - Chamber 19 Timesaver (adzicents)
sp_a2_laser_chaining route1 (murje)
sp_a2_laser_chaining updated route (murje)
sp_a2_laser_chaining updated route 2 (murje)
Portal2 | sp_a2_laser_chaining speedrun, TSA (m1el)
Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a2_laser_chaining - Route (DemonStrate)
sp_a2_laser_chaining - route (toten)
laser chaining (Sanguine Dagger)


You wouldn’t mind chaning myplaypoint to murje? It is my channel you see and the name is not used anywhere else than in youtube.


I understand, and this is true for more people, but right now I can’t yet be arsed to find any names other than the youtube accounts, as these are far more easy to find. Once I’m done getting this forum in sync with the SDA thread, I’ll start changing the names.


How the hell do you make that jump at 0:22 in the route 2 video?


Which jump? Also, I will be posting an update to that route with some timesavers.


In this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lapKfwzNd3g at 22 seconds in.

I’ve done it a few times now after a lot practice. I also found some sort of bug that if you come out that portal and begin to fall, but strafe yourself back to the portal it sometimes shoots you out of it. Though I can only reproduce it in that spot.

Also how are you guys saving your reloading your segments? I’ve just been saving at various spots and then reloading that save. Is there a quicker way to get back to a certain state besides that? Some sort of console command maybe?


Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a2_laser_chaining - Route:



Ooh. It’s shiny. TSA, but still an impressive route.


Jerk! You took my route! That took me 3 hours to do. The first jump, though, I did TSA, but the rest was real-time.


Nope. I noticed that it is possible to put a second portal while falling and told you that on a livestream.
Also there is an improvement, you know. Tell me, if I am wrong.
And I don’t think about this route as something /private/ for me. It is a collaboration, IMO.
I didn’t mentioned you in my description is simply because of my lazyness, that video simply does not have any description at all.

That took me 3 hours to do.
It took a lot of time for me too, you know...

But if you insist, I will delete this video and edit my post.


I wasn’t being serious. I don’t mind. Lol. I don’t know if this is a valid route to do as a person in real-time, though. It is nice to see that it is possible, though.


Even if he had not been joking, don’t. There’s nothing wrong with making videos demonstrating other people’s routes. The most you should have done is credit him (if it had been his route).

Also, you shouldn’t listen to DemonStrate too much. The problem with him is that he isn’t just (arguably) the best Portal player, but he also knows this. Makes him kinda cocky sometimes.

Not an insult DemonStrate, I kinda like you that way. I just choose to ignore you whenever appropriate.


Lol. I’m not usually cocky in real life… I don’t know why I come off as that on the internet. I think it is because I’m usually pissed off at something, so I come off as being cocky. I definitely don’t know everything, so I don’t try to think that I do? I think it started when I began livestreaming, and I got annoyed at every single person trying to backseat drive. Speedrunning, to me, is the same as exploring in an RPG. You just go around and do stuff, and sometimes, good stuff happens. But, it would be like if you have 100 Navi’s (fairy from OoT) constantly saying, “Hey, Listen!” all the time while you are trying to play a game. I think after that happened with the livestreaming, I just said, “Fuck it. I’m doing this all by myself.” I also enjoyed finding things on my own, even if they aren’t the most optimal. Idk, I just get pissed of at people trying to tell me how to speedrun. If it isn’t the fastest, I’ll fix it next time, but for now, just let me do what I want.


It’s simple. You began the post that started this whole conversation with saying “Jerk! You took my route!”. This would have been fine if you said it in person, as anyone could have heard the sarcastic tone in your voice, but some people have a hard time interpreting sarcasm when it’s in plain text. Perhaps we should actually start using this. 8)


Anyway… should we steer this conversation back to the topic at hand؟



Alright guys, back on topic. I’m already considering deleting posts.




first segment not TSA, but i guess toten’s route might make this irrelevant :-