Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a2_bts5 - Route (DemonStrate)
Portal 2 - sp_a2_bts5 - Theory (DemonStrate)


Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a2_bts5 - Route

Also, I have a theory for a route on this map. If someone could try to figure out a way to get up to this ledge, we could skip a majority of the map:

Portal 2 - sp_a2_bts5 - Theory


I really don’t see your theory being workable. There simply isn’t any remotely possible way up there without noclip.

Assuming you don’t get your theory working, you can save time when cutting the pipes with the laser by rapidly alternating the portal position between the two moving surfaces instead of doing all four vertical pipes and then all four horizontal pipes.