Portal 2 - timesaver - sp_a2_bts2 (Ond kaja)
Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a2_bts2 - Route (DemonStrate)
Portal 2 - sp_a2_bts2 (coolkid)


A minor timesaver, skips having to kill the turret.

In the middle of the video I turned on a command which shows invisible walls (clip brushes) with a purple wireframe by typing “r_drawclipbrushes 1” in console.

You can probably do it without jumping on the pipe. It’s a bit hard though.


Since there isn’t any portalable surfaces, I guess this saves a few seconds.


Would it? You can just wallstrafe/bhop past the turret anyway so I’m not sure if this would actually be faster. Thanks for console command by the way, I was wondering how you did that but I couldn’t figure out how ((source n00b))


Yes, this is definitely faster and it’s easier to avoid getting killed by the turret.


Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a2_bts2 - Route:


This is what you can do if you get a cube from sp_a2_bts1 (I’m not entirely sure if this is what ExplosiveCabbage meant)

Edit: You can get on top of Wheatley’s rail in sp_a2_bts2 from here without a cube.