Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a2_bridge_the_gap - Route - Update 2


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcBQ2qpavnI You can get past the door before it closes.




It’s might be useful if u use button save glitch:


Pretty sure it says in DemonStrate’s video that you need to have an item interact with the button before you can button glitch it.


If you are fast u can take the camera with you before it falls(I tried it)


Ah! Someone actually did this jump. I tried to do it before, but I couldn’t figure out when to time it. Hmmm… this would be the fastest method if the camera can be obtained before the panel falls… The panel falling is based on putting a portal onto that wall. The fastest method would be to put a portal onto that wall and shoot across to grab the camera, then jump to the panel. We’ll see…


Here it is with camera grab:


If anybody would be kind enough to tell me; is this specific to the button in this map? Because I’ve used the button glitch plentiful throughout my playing by now and I’ve never used an item for it.


This and a few other maps only. So not all maps. The door does open without object, but it needs an object to trigger GLaDOS’s speech, so the elevator ride is shorter.


Yeah… you may have done the save button glitch, but if you actually complete the level, you’ll notice that the elevator rides ALL the way to the bottom. The reason is because you didn’t trigger the last bit of speech that is required to end the ride earlier. There are at least half a dozen maps where you can get to the end without hitting the dialog trigger, in turn making the map LONGER than it needs to be. Here is the video where I first realized that the dialog trigger was required to be hit to reduce the duration of the level. Pay special attention to the length of the elevator ride:

You’ll see in the top uploader comments that ExplodingCabbage pointed it out. After testing, I realized that each level has its own specific way to trigger the end dialog trigger. In this map’s case, you need to pick up the cube 1 time to trigger the dialog which adzicents figured out. Since that was the case, I revised the route to do that. You’ll notice the duration of the elevator ride is reduced from the other video, and that GLaDOS’s says her spoken lines this time:

You’ll notice this time that the level correctly ends about a second or two after she finishes her dialog.


Ah. Like that. Thanks for explaining guys. Though care should be taking that the time it takes to trigger the dialogue doesn’t end up being more than the time it saves, but I guess that’s obvious.


Afaict, that won’t be an issue. The dialogue is generally much shorter than the elevatorshaft.