Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a1_intro4 - Route (DemonStrate)
Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a1_intro4 - Route - Update 1 (DemonStrate)
Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a1_intro4 - Route - Update 2 (DemonStrate)
Portal 2 - Chamber 04 route (Kingpin)
Portal 2: [Chapter 1] Chamber 4 Timesaver (Paraxade)
sp_a1_intro4 small timesaver possibly (Pmk138)


Copied from the SDA thread:

On sp_a1_intro4, it’s possible to take the cube from the first room into the second by positioning it such that it’s holding down the button and also partly touching the floor, then backing through the incandescent particle field and firing a portal under the cube in the brief space of time between the field disappearing and the door closing.

In theory this would speed up the second room, since you could grab the block Demonstrate grabs in his video, put it on the first button, fire a portal next to the second button, grab the cube from room 1 through the portal, and stick it on the second button, which would be faster than having to chuck a cube through the orange portal.

However, I kind of doubt you could get the cube in the first room to land on the button with sufficiently precise positioning without actually placing it yourself, and obviously delaying in the first room to carefully position the cube would cost more time than the whole trick saves. Still, I thought I’d put the idea out there for you guys to look at.

Here’s a short video showing how to transfer the cube from the first room to the second.

NOTE: Since I posted this on SDA, I’ve found that it’s also possible to pull off this trick if the cube lands on the button and leaning on the wall next to the button, which seems much more likely than having it touching the floor perfectly. I suspect this means the trick will be possible to pull off without manually positioning the cube, in which case it saves time.


Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a1_intro4 - Route - Update 1


I’m not entirely sure if this is any good or not but I spent long enough saving that damn cube that I’m going to put it up here anyways. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuIWbKQyeAs

Edit: Blaizerazer looked at my timesaver and said a couple things that prove it might not any good at all. In order to save the cube you’d have to be running looking backwards and that wastes time where you could just be bhopping and doing using the cube trans grabs. The small jump at the end isn’t worth it for the entire run to be faster most likely. But if someone wants to compare the two by ticks then be my guest.


Portal 2 - Phase 1 - sp_a1_intro4 - Route - Update 2