SourceSplit v2.0


SourceSplit is a LiveSplit ( component that helps out Source
engine speedrunning. It can automatically split for you when a map changes, and
it keeps track of in-game time so you don’t have to record demos. It works by
reading the game’s memory, and it should work on every Source engine game.

More Information:
Download: see the readme


Sounds great! Will try using this later on.


Looks really nice, I’ll try this out.


Cool stuff, this should be implemented in Ghosting mod!


There’s a bug in 1.0 where auto-split doesn’t work 100% of the time. It’ll be fixed in the next version.


Doesn’t ghosting have a built-in timer that does, like, exactly the same thing?


I dunno. I’ve never tried Ghosting mod, and Gocnak talks about it so much that my ears bleed and I instantly forget all the information about it.


Ghosting Mod has a working timer, but it doesn’t have auto-splits or splits implemented yet.


Just now found out SourceSplit is already a thing and I stole the name without knowing it, my bad.


Probably should contact the guy who made that. Or you could finish this then ask Gocnak to impliment this into Ghosting Mod and just call it a feature and discontinue the name.


I’ve been told Ghosting Mod only supports HL2.


Yeah… bout that… umm… how did I not think of that when I posted it. Oh well.


Anyone else getting any issues getting game time to work sometimes when they use this? I don’t know what I do to make it work in the end (maybe something to do with the order you load Livesplit and HL2) but I can’t be certain.


Try checking your process list and make sure there’s only one hl2.exe present.


Any idea if you are going to make in-game time splits a feature in the future? Would be awesome to get accurate timing in splits even if your loads would be inconsistent.


Yeah, LiveSplit 1.4 is going to have official support for game time. You’ll be able to switch between real time and game time on the fly.


May 29th’s HL2 update broke compatibility. I’m fixing it.

EDIT: Fixed, just restart LiveSplit to get the update.



[ul][li]Added support for LiveSplit 1.4’s ‘Game Time as primary timing method’ feature[/li]
[li]Made game detection a little more generic to support E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy[/li][/ul]

Also I’ve been working on autostart/end. HL2 and Portal 1 will have it initially.


If you’re gonna implement auto-start/end for Episode Two, note that the way we have timed runs is from getting the suit(when the command “give item_suit” is executed) to losing your crosshair at the end. I think you get your crosshair about a half a second after you get the suit. We’ve done it like that because it’s easier.


It’s still not the “official” way of timing the run (Official one still would be from gaining control to loosing it). Like you said we use it just because it’s easy and accurate way to compare runs.