SourceRuns YT Partnership


Hey guys, the SourceRuns Youtube channel was just partnerized this afternoon. I was thinking now that we can make money from this, that this should go into the betterment of this site, and should go back to the people who uploaded their speedruns to our channel. Just a thought.


Who, how are runs going to be judged on quality and determined to be put on SR?


If they suck, they don’t get uploaded.

A few years ago, we had a council of people who would review speedruns, we might reinstate that.


Commentating would be awesome too


Maybe for speedruns we’ve finished and uploaded, but it’d be separate. Anything else is a huge no, as I really despise commentaries. (The LP-styled commentaries, not speedrun commentaries)


LP’s dont belong on SourceRuns


What does LP mean?


Let’s Play


Alright, the banner’s finally up. A temp one’s there now, so don’t flip at how bad it is.