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If you can find somewhere to host full copies of the game then feel free to link it (Maybe with disclaimer?), but I won’t host them directly on the site.


Sure, I was going to use the links that quad provided in the helpdesk thread, and also a link to a torrent (which is in my dropbox) to download old hl2


Cameron, could you add a link to Glossary of terms in the sidebar menu?


Done, although may need to wait for some pages cache to expire.


So, is updating the wiki still a thing? Because it looks like there haven’t been changes for the last few months. I could participate, but if it is not used anyways i think it’s not worth the work.


I know for a fact that there has been updates recently and more are always appreciated.

However I’m not that familiar with the work behind the wiki, you’ll have to turn to exec for specifics.


Yes! If you could update some articles or even write your own (map routes or glitch explanations and descriptions) I’d really appreciate it. We’d really need some Portal articles, and I’m not a Portal runner myself so I can’t write any :confused:

If you have any questions about the wiki code or formatting, feel free to ask me.


Nice, so i’ll start updating the run times for Portal and stuff. Because they have not been changed in a long time. Also I could start and create some route articles. Let’s see how much free time i will put into this :wink:


I’m currently making some explanatory videos of the strats of the inbounds guide I write in the wiki. Will upload them to youtube and put them into the wiki tomorrow today.