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Who’s igge, he’s not even on Skype


I think we should remove that page. It’s obviously spam!




Haha, I think he meant that you guys founded the SR wiki. As in establishing it, not actually finding it randomly on the internet.



Also you got me completely fooled with that huge text ._.


our mighty



what does that mean?


I think it means we’re nominated for the best sourceruns avatar competition. And I’ll probably win because of my excellent aspect ratio.
Or because of our post number, which we both have ruined now.


numbers :expressionless:


“Your music taste?
I don’t understand anything about music and I can’t tell the difference between a song and random noises if the song doesn’t contain lyrics. I guess it’s just not for me”
Lol <3 kaito


reading other people’s pages without creating your own. weak.


reading other people’s pages without creating your own. lame.


I’d like to add links in the pages to the old versions of the game.
Anyway, that would allow everyone to get the game, even if they haven’t bought it.

Would it be possible to make a script or something that checks if the player has the game on his Steam and only then enable the download for them?