SourceRuns subreddit?


Y’know…we have these forums…

But I’ve been thinking: Do we not have a subreddit? And apparently, we don’t. So I wanted to start a SourceRuns subreddit, but I wanted to ask the people here before I do it so I don’t fuck anything up.

So, should I create one or not?



EDIT: I guess I should elaborate. I don’t really see the need for one since this community is pretty small and I don’t see a point in scattering it more. There’s a general speedrunning sub-reddit so you can always post stuff there.


I mean like, you don’t just make things to have them. What is the purpose of such a subreddit? What role does it fill which this site doesn’t?


You can post meems there


There’s no point in ever making a subreddit, especially when we only have 13k subs on youtube.


You can post memes here


We already have a subreddit, look how active it is!


I don’t know what the point of a subreddit would be. Reddit is more like a news feed and it is impossible to keep a conversation going for a longer period of time. Not to mention that reddit was never intended for long conversations.

And other than that we don’t have nearly enough content to keep the subreddit alive. Here in the forum we can talk about everything and anything and in addition to that have a homepage to highlight important posts, news and speedruns in the huge banned and show them off nicely. Not to mention that the admins have full control over the website and can change some stuff, like the landing page that was created for EP2DQ.

So yeah, I see no point in a subreddit.


Huh, I don’t even remember creating that