SourceRuns starts taking submissions!


First of all, let me just happily announce that Jared “Centaur1um” is back in business! After dealing with stuff in his private life, he’s back in the administration of SourceRuns! Welcome back, brother. :slight_smile:

Second of all, we have some big news… From now on we will start taking submissions!

Ever since the releases of runs like DWaHMoV and PDP-er, SourceRuns has gained a huge number of members and subscribers. This means that the “SourceRuns team” isn’t as evident as it used to be, with many members focusing on different parts of Source running (some members only do Portal 1/2 running, some only Source mods, some only gold source games, etc. etc.). There’s been a lot of members asking if we could feature their runs on our YouTube channel and previously we haven’t had a system for taking submissions. Well, that’s about to change!

We have seen a lot of really high quality runs in the forums lately and sadly those runs only a get a fraction of the views they deserve. By applying through the form (located at the bottom of the text) we give anyone the opportunity to submit their run of any Source game/mod of HL2, EP1-2, Portal or even Gold source (HL1, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, etc.) and with any category (least portals, crowbar only, etc.) given that the category is interesting enough to watch. The SourceRuns administration will review all submissions to ensure that the runs we upload on our YouTube channel holds very high levels of quality. Both in terms of video quality as well as how optimized the runs are.

This is what we expect from your run, in order for it to be accepted:

  • Encoded and rendered in 16:9 HD (720p is accepted but 1080p would be preferred).
  • If your run is segmented, the segment transitions have to be smooth and somewhat seamless.*
  • Your run has to be very optimized. If you lose seconds here and there from sloppy BHopping/ABH’ing and/or your routes could easily be improved, your run will not be accepted.
  • Your run can not include any sort of copyrighted material what so ever. If a mod uses a licensed song for example, you need to either replace the music during that part or remove it completely.
  • Do not add any sort of editing special effects such as slow motion (duh), motion blur, lens flares, etc. The only alterations of the game we approve that may be added in post production are the runner’s name, end credits and color grading to smooth out segment transitions.

More on high-quality video production:

If your run is accepted it will be uploaded to our YouTube channel with soon-to-be 10 000 subscribers. It will feature your nickname in both title (given that your nickname isn’t a million characters long) and description, if you wish to add links to your twitter/twitch/steam etc. in the description you are welcome to do so.

Apply here, good luck fellow SourceRunners!


Since we have received a couple of questions, our ruleset has been updated.

  • The final video has to be in 60 FPS and encoded in a YouTube friendly way (meaning the 60 FPS works in the YouTube player).
  • You may upload your run(s) to your own/other YouTube channels as well, with an exception of any of the SDA affiliated channels.
  • You may submit your run to SDA and have it verified there.
  • The standard rule for timing your run may not always apply. Consult with us if you disagree with it for your specific mod/game.


Welcome BACK, Jared!

Also this is really cool how your allowing people to upload to the official channel (as long as its accepted). Good luck to all those doing runs!


This is awesome! Allso, what are the thoughts on individual levels like kz/bhop maps?


While I think pretty much all of us really enjoy them, they aren’t really upload worthy material when it comes to SourceRuns. We have always ran full games and mods, and we plan on sticking with that.


A little question about timing, will it be strictly real time?

I ask this because: say I submit a speedrun of a mod, and the previous runner timed not until he lost control, but the moment control stopped being important, some examples using actual games would be:

[ul][li]Half-Life (Nihilanth’s death)[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Portal (Last core dropped into the furnace)[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Half-Life 2 (Last orb shot)[/li][/ul]


Good that you brought it up, Arianon.

It will, just like with your examples, vary from game to game (submission to submission). If there’s already a consensus regarding where timing should stop in a game/mod, we will of course follow it. If a submission is the very first run of the game/mod/category in question we will consult the runner and potentially other people that have played it, in order to see what sort of timing rule makes the most sense.

I’ve edited the form now to inform runners what they should do if they disagree with the standard timing rule.


That sounds wonderful! I am excited for future runs that go up on the YouTube channel. I will also submit our run once it’s finished!


What’s the policy on exclusivity?

I ask because I’ve been thinking about submitting my SS/RTA runs and then uploading commentated versions to my own channel with a link to the normal version in the description. There are probably others that would want to upload their runs to their own channel also if done 100% by themselves.

Also, will you accept runs that have already been accepted by SDA (or other sites/channels)?


Very good questions, we will discuss this internally and get back to you on the matter.


Sorry for having to wait for my answer, I managed to forget about it…

So everyone is more than welcome to upload their runs to their YouTube accounts and submit the runs to us.

However if you’re submitting runs to SDA as well, you have to make sure that your run is not being uploaded to SDA’s YouTube channel.

So basically:

[ul][li]You may upload your runs to your channel as well.[/li]
[li]You may submit your run to SDA and have it verified.[/li]
[li]Your run may not be on SDA’s YouTube channel and our’s.[/li][/ul]
Regarding “other sites/channels”, I don’t think there would be any problems in also having your run on other channels.


I’m guessing you’re referring to this channel? Hasn’t been active in 8 months, so I don’t think we need to worry about that :slight_smile:


Anything that’s run by SDA.


Hello, One question now with YouTube allowing 60 fps video would it be ok to send a link to a 60 fps video for that to be uploaded?


Yes. I think we should make that a requirement from now on.


It is a requirement, exe.


You should add the 60fps requirement to the actual Speedrun Submissions form as it isn’t a listed video requirement on that page.


i wouldn’t make it required, not everybody can record/render in 60fps


Uh, yes they can.
host_framerate 60; startmovie x; playdemo x; endmovie


Using HLAE (for GoldSRC) or startmovie (for Source), everyone can record 60fps videos. The only downside is large disk space requirements.


You can also use SrcDemo2 to encode frames into PNG or something. Or use AVI for short demos.