SourceRuns Half-Life/Adrenaline Gamer server


I was thinking, wouldn’t it be cool to have a place where we can meet up and just play together? A server where we could do some Deathmatch, KZ, strafe, surf, ramp, bhop maps etc. Honestly what I have in mind is how awesome it would be to have Hide’N’Seek in Half-Life as opposed to in Counter-Strike 1.6 or rocket jumping with the TFC RPG and quad+invulnerbility. A bit of modding would be needed for HnS and rocket jumping but it should be possible and it would be pretty cool. Also a server mod/plug-in with a leaderboard, timer balls (start at the start of the map and end at the end of the map). There are loads of maps out there already so I don’t think that would be a problem.

I have no experience with setting up a server but if anyone wants something like this and knows what to do, I would help in any way I could. My brother has a server computer so it could probably be hosted on it and he has some server hosting experience.

I hope you like this kind of idea and I hope we can make something out of it :>.


Executable has a server that he launches when people want to play but it’s not a 24/7 server and there isn’t any demand for a 24/7 server either, if there were to be one, who’d pay for it? Unless we all chipped in one guy the costs for the site and the forum are barely met every month from what I’ve been told.