SourceRuns: Beta



We’ve just launched our new beta site that we’ve been working on for a while. Go check it out!

A lot of things are still missing, but from now on it should be the default frontpage whenever you visit SourceRuns. The old site will remain available for now, but will be replaced once the new site is ready. More info can be found in the post here.

Meanwhile, feel free to post feedback or suggestions, we appreciate it a lot!


What will these be like?

When do you think the new site will be ready?


Engine-specific help-guides, tutorials, leaderboards, runs, etc


They’re already on the site, if you can find them.

Run page example, one more here.
GoldSrc getting started page
Engine hub with, for example, goldsrc-only streams, news and forum posts.


Dont bother logging in there yet, the user database will be migrated later then everything will work.


I liked the look of old “Recent forum posts” thing on the main page. Mainly because you could see everything: topic, name and date. Now if the topic’s name is too long you can’t see the name of a person who replied. Also, repeats are kinda bad.


There’s also repeated stuff in the RSS feed. I realise that’s not completely relevant but while it’s being mentioned, may as well point it out.

EDIT: actually it looks like the new site has a different RSS feed so I guess this is sort of on topic…


I remember having fixed this at some point in early beta, but then I updated the site and it was restored to default, so I should do it again.

And yes, I’m aware about the repeating topics thing but SMF only provides RSS feeds for “Recent posts” (what we have now), “News” (new topics, but only first post, if anyone has a further discussion in the thread, it won’t be bumped to the top), and other ones such as “Members” and “Profiles” apparently.

There’s no such thing as “recent topics” which is what the old sidebar uses, so for now we can only have this, unless we can find a way to make it work.

Edit: Fixed again


If you want you can still reach the old site at:


Would it be a problem for the Source directory to be “Source” --> “Portal Series”–> “Leaderboards” and then give an option to go to either the leaderboards or these leaderboards (the Portal 2 Leaderboards by ncla)?

(Why? ncla’s leaderboards have a better layout for viewing and they update automatically.)


Its changed now.

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