SourceRuns at SGDQ 2014


Looks like we’re having a speedy summer this year!

Team Ludendi have just finished their mini-marathon at DreamHack, and now, just a week later, Speed Demos Archive is hosting a Summer Games Done Quick speedrun marathon on June 22nd to June 28th.

Some of you might remember the Awesome Games Done Quick marathon that was held this winter; many great speedrunners gathered to run their favorite games.
This time Gocnak is going to show off his awesome Half-Life 2 strats, while z1mb0bw4y will race Norferzlo in Portal! Just after that, Phantom is solo-ing Portal 2’s co-op stages!

See the whole schedule here:

Remember that this is a charity marathon, so you can donate money which will be sent to charities such as Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation.


CANT WAIT! Half-Life and Half-Life 2!!! Good luck to all runners and lets beat cancer :smiley:


It’s live!


Hype! Gocnak is live right now in case anyone has missed it!


I missed it :confused:
Can you link the VOD with all the HL and Source runs? Thanks.


+1 would be great to see the runs


You can find all the SGDQ VoDs here HL HL2 Portal Portal 2


Thanks a lot!


From left to right:
Wheels, Myself, Z1m, Phantom

Not seen:
Yeti (was sleeping)
Norferzlo (went home)


Epic stuff. Wish I could’ve been there…!


Goc, those glasses are very dorky.