So… Some of you might have noticed that we haven’t released any new episodes of the SourceCast since November last year. What happened was that first thanksgiving came around, then christmas, then new years and then in January I went to the US for over a month, staying at z1mb0bw4y’s house and attending AGDQ14.

A lot of things came in the way and we were all pretty busy with “whatever stuff”. The main problem however is that I’m in charge of putting episodes together, both pre- and post production. Editing/mixing 4-5 different hour long sound files with varying recording quality (background noise that needs to be removed, people caughing, people talking over each other, people being closer/farther back from the microphone, etc.) as well as adding all the clips of things we’re talking about in an episode, takes a huge amount of time.

However, I really like the project and reading comments and talking to different people showed that the audience was enjoying the SourceCast. So I really would like to see the cast keep going.

What’s basically the point of this thread is to see if there’s still interest in the SourceCast. And seeing how you would feel about some potential changes.

One certain change is that since Jared (Centaur1um) sadly isn’t a part of the community anymore he will be leaving the cast. Another change might be to remove the clips of what we’re talking about in episodes to save a lot of time in post production? If you have any thoughts or ideas, make sure to post about it in this thread.


Personally I really enjoyed the show so I’d like to see it come back. The great thing about it is that it summarizes what’s going on over here and what projects we’re working on as a means of promoting our work to the general public and even to people in the community who might not know about certain stuff.

If this is a problem, I’m more than willing to help out. I just finished 2 years of studying music/audio production and engineering so I’m familiar with the ins and outs of mixing, editing, gating etc. I’m in need of some experience/practice anyway so this would turn out to be a win/win situation and everything can be sent to you guys before release so that feedback and quality control/assurance can be applied.


That’s great to hear! Both the feedback and the offer for help.

We already got offered help by Allen (wheel5) who’s an audio engineer as well. I think he helped me out with mixing once and then I forgot about the offer or we stopped making episodes or something.

If we could figure out some sort of system/routine of how to get an episode together sound mixing/editing wise that would be superb. If it works out it probably means I won’t have to stop editing in the clips of what we’re talking about, which was greatly appreciated by the audience.

Let’s try and figure something out together on skype or something. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, we’re going to record a new episode of SourceCast in a couple of hours. We also decided to introduce a Q&A section where we would answer the questions that you guys submit.

If you have a question for us, head over to the link below. We will try to answer the question(s) on the upcoming SourceCast episodes.