Source Unpack Old Engine Extraction Error


when i download the files for hl2 old engine i try to extract them and gameinfo.txt ahk and other scripts are all blocked by an error i will type the error here

0x80004006: Unspecified error

an unexpected error is keeping you from coopying/moving the file if you continue to recive this error use the error search thingy.


What program are you using for extracting the files?


just windows file explorer should i use &-zip or something then?


Yeah, maybe give 7zip a try, I know some people have had some trouble in the past with the Windows extractor.


Thank You So Much! :smiley:


so um it wont appear on steam when i restart it


Are you definitely sure it is in the sourcemods folder? Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\hl2oe should have all the game files in it, make sure its not in an extra folder there or something.


its in there with everything i managed to make it work by putting it in SDK base 2006 with launch option -game “hl2oe” one thing is ahk isnt working it sais -y_(command) isnt a command


AHK is giving that error?


no console is spiting it out


Oh, looks like the default config file has some SPT commands in it, but because SPT doesn’t work with that version of the unpack they will just give an error. They should be fine to ignore.

You could also edit cfg/config.cfg and find all the y_spt lines and remove them to stop the errors showing in future.


like the actual ahk dosent work i cant hold space tab or x


Is AHK updated to the most recent version? Maybe an incompatibility between that and latest Windows version or something :confused:


um idk it sais hit f3 to enable and i tried that how do i update ahk im on old engine :confused:


AHK needs to be downloaded and run separately, you can get it here:

Once it is installed you should just be able to double-click the Scripts.ahk file to start it and then F3 will enable/disable it from running.


autohotkey was quarentiened by my antivirus is it a virus ?


Definitely not, but because of the way it controls keyboard input it is quite often falsely marked as one